Nail Striping Tape Mani

Considering I was sobbing through most of this mani, I'm shocked how well it came out. Especially for my first try with nail striping tape.

Why was I sobbing? Two words: Les Miserables. 
I'm SO glad I did not go to the theater for that movie.

In any case, this has:
China Glaze "White on White"
with a pink ombre done with Nina Ultra Pro "Punki Pink"
and ORLY "Liquid Vinyl" on top.

And the nail striping tape I ordered from China...or rather the absence of nail striping tape.


  1. Two words - Freaking GORGEOUS! :)

  2. love it! Haven't tried striping tape, but I should definitely pick some up. Love the mani! And I have YET to watch Les Mis! AAHHHH. Soon....Soon. lol