#TryDry: DrySpray by Degree


I got into the Influenster #TryDry box from Unilever and Walmart a month or so ago.

They sent me this bottle of DrySpray by Degree, free in exchange for an honest review.

I've been using it daily since it arrived. Through Zumba, Aikido, and hour and a half walks, this stuff keeps me surprisingly dry even compared to the Clinical Strength deodorant I'd been using prior. I just have a few pieces of advice: spray before you put on anything, even your bra. This stuff tends to cake onto whatever is nearby and can turn into an icky mess on fabric. And if you're looking for an invisible deodorant? This one isn't going to be it. I've yet to find that Holy Grail.

Despite that, I would suggest this to anyone wanting to try out a dry spray. Thanks Degree, Walmart, and Influenster!

Beauty Brands - Mascara Sale!

It's that time of year again, Beauty Brands has a ton of mascaras on sale right now for $10.99! Click the image below to go their website.

There are a ton of different high end name brands that I've been dying to try. Let me know if you've tried any or if you're going to buy!

The image below are just some of the ones on sale. Enjoy!

I wasted my money on Jamberry

I'm always looking for an easier way to do my nails. I bought these quite awhile back but never used them. The concept is easy to understand and you'd think they're hard to mess up... I should have known *shakes head*

These puppies are $15 a piece, which you're probably balking at right about now. The only good thing is, you get multiple uses out of the sheet.

The actual application instructions are below, it's from the company's website.

Simple, right? I can't even get simple right *shakes head*

I was getting pissy from heating it up the second time and the poor results. It's hard to see in the picture above, but I couldn't get it to stick to my nails around the edges. I'm not sure if I didn't get it hot enough, didn't press hard enough, because it was old, or what. All I know is I wasted my money, and my fingers hurt from the heat. And I'm grumpy.

BrushEgg - How I wash my make up brushes

I ran across someone picture of a BrushEgg sometime last month and was like oh my gosh why have I never heard of this before?! A BrushEgg is basically a little silicone (half) egg shaped item that has grooves on one side to help you clean your make up brushes easily. I found one on ebay for $1.32 and bought it immediately.

The package arrived and I grabbed my baby shampoo and the brush egg and set to work.

Here's what the back of it looks like.

I put some of the baby shampoo on the egg.

Then I get the dirty make up brush damp then scrub.

 Andddd it's filthy. After they're clean, I squeeze out the excess water from the brush.

I have a towel on the side of the sink ready for the brushes to dry. I roll one side so it's elevated and have the brushes tilted brush hair side down so water does not get to the glue. If it gets to the glue it can cause the hairs on the make up brushes fall out.

Here's a comparison picture of one of the brushes!

All in all I'm VERY pleased with this product. I'd say it did cut down on the time taken to clean my make up brushes and it was easy to use. If you don't want to wait a week or two to get one from China I'd suggest getting one of those silicone pot holders with grooves in it like the picture below. Should be the same concept!

Wet N Wild Spring 2015 LE Silver Lake Eyeshadow Collection

I had to stop by Walgreens this afternoon and was so excited to see several of the 2015 Spring Limited Edition Wet N Wild palettes. I snagged the two I had been lusting after, so check out the swatches below. Each shadow is buttery smooth and super pigmented. I'm in love!

The ones I snagged were Vinyl Collection, and Thrift Store Chic. Pricing was $3.99 each.

Vinyl Collection

Thrift Store Chic
The dark purple color in Thrift Store Chic is the most interesting shade of the bunch. It's a bit of purple and a bit of pink in the finish. Can't wait to play around with it!

Miche Bags


My mom held a party for Miche bags and brought me in on video chat. This is one of those direct sales type things like Tupperware or Mary Kay. Miche is all about options and creating interchangeable bags.

My mom bought me what you're about to see (or got it because she was the hostess). The combination retails for about $120

I chose the "Prima" size, their largest.

Here's the Prima "base" and and straps. The base is machine washable.

Here's one of the Prima "Shells": 

And the other, shell, this one is called Hope:

Here's the interior. The flaps are magnetic and are designed to snap onto the base.

Putting the base into the shell:

The flap in place over the base:

Putting the hardware on:

The straps in place:

The final product. Neat? Sure!


The idea of interchangeable handbags is neat, the price steap. I'm happy with what I've got but I wouldn't have paid for it myself. Then again, I don't spend a lot of money on purses. Maybe $120 is a good deal.

Glitter Polish Removers


Melissa is a glitter polish lover, but as for me, I avoid them like the plague. They're so hard to remove. So when she and I saw a few posts and videos about different removers, I decided to try them.

The first one is 1st Acetone Power No-Rub Gel stuff in the bright pink container. It was under $4 at Walmart.

The second is Glitter Nail Polish Remover Gel by Vi-Jon in the box, it, too was under $4 at Walmart.

Here's what was in the box:

We both saw posts that said this stuff was super easy and worked like a breeze.

I tried the No-Rub Gel first, and over two days. Here's the results of the first attempt, after dipping my fingers into the gel and waiting four minutes (as directed):

That looks almost great, right? 

Wellll...it had a bit of a side effect. The paper towels stuck to my fingers. Everything stuck to my fingers where the gel had been.

The rest of the glitter came off with some heavy scraping. I had to soap my hands twice to get the stuff off, and even then I still had spots leftover.

Day two

Here's the before, "too dimensional?" polish by l'oreal. This polish has a sandy finish with glitter, for a rough removal job.

The index finger on my left hand with the 1st Acetone Power No-Rub Gel again (the one in the pink).

The after:

Some stickiness, but not as bad:

The other hand with the Glitter Nail Polish Remover Gel (the one in the box) on all fingers (I promise its on there). As directed it said to leave it on for two minutes:

The after:

After a second application of 1st Acetone Power No-Rub Gel:

There wasn't stickiness, and it smelled decent, but as you can see, it didn't really do much except for on my index finger.


Don't waste your money on these, though if you're desperate to try one, go with the pink.

As far as me, I'll still avoid glitter polish.

Julep March Box


For March's box I used up Julep points to get three add-ons. And so they sent me a freebie. Hooray for freebies.

The box itself came with three polishes...at least that is how I arranged it. Here's what I picked:

Prosecco silk (semi-matte opalescent)
Iced chai chrome

Kelly green and gold coin multi-dimensional, full coverage glitter


For the add-ons, I picked:

Get In Line Invisible Lip Liner
Fluid Eye Glider
CTRL + Z Eye Makeup Eraser

The freebie I got as a result of picking three add-ons was "Francis"
which is described as "Celery green crème"

Here's what the add-ons looked like out of their boxes:

And swatches of the polishes:


Jahnavi swatch:

Francis swatch
(two coats on pinky and middle finger, one coat on the others)

Francis with Lucky on top:

My favorite in this box? 
The Silk Finish polish, Marcy. 
You can't tell from the swatch, but it's covers decently considering it's so pale, and it dries to a neat "silk" finish.

That said, I haven't tried the add-ons yet, so they might be awesome. As usual, if they are, I'll do another post.