up&up eye brush set with case (Target brand)

You may recall from this post that I like Target's house brand "up&up" for make-up brushes.

I've since bought an up&up eyeliner brush and large blush brush and I love both.

I also bought this pack "eye brush set with case" the last time I hit Target (the closest one is an hour drive away). For $6.99 I got five travel-sized eyeshadow tools and a nifty little case for them.

The package says it comes with: large eye brush, detailed crease brush, angled crease brush, foam-tipped smudge brush, foam-tipped applicator and case.

I love the hell out of the detailed crease brush (the one in the middle). The large eye brush also helps slather on the color. (Yes, I said SLATHER, bitches--because I do...slather. The color. Not what you were probably thinking >.<).

I'm scared to try out the foam-tipped smudge brush because I suspect I'd never get it clean again but damn if it doesn't look nifty.

So for $6.99, ladies...this is a GREAT deal. I highly suggest it :)


  1. Do they have those cool angle brushes? My eyes are a little on the small side, not chunky, but its not as deep set as I want it to be and I cant do detailed stuff when I want to play with color using regular brushes... if that makes sense. But ill take your advice and get me these, looks good!

    1. I don't remember. I know they didn't have a ton of choices compared to the Sonia Kashuk section that was nearby. I've heard those are good too but the travel set I bought from Sonia was kind of meh.