Sample Society April - Hanskin, Caudalie, Borghese, Jane Tran

Here's the contents of this month's Sample Society Box

  • Jane Tran Hair Accessory Sampler  (sample, full-sized is $12)
  • Caudalie Premier Cru (sample, full-sized is $150)
  • Hanskin Hydro Sheet Mask (sample, full-sized is 5 for $18)
  • Hanskin Premium Perfect Super Magic BB Cream (sample, full-sized is $33)
  • Borghese Gel Delicato Makeup Remover (sample, full-sized is $30.50)
  • Bonus: Cotz Face Natural Skin SPF 40 (sample, full-sized $20)

Hanskin Premium Perfect Super Magic BB Cream

Here's a swatch:

The right half of the picture/my face has it. I was pleasantly surprised with the coverage on this. I'd call it light to medium. I've tried a different B.B. and a C.C. and not had this kind of coverage. And it didn't look artificial--which is great.

One big problem with this B.B, it is NOT mattifying. This stuff shines like a mofo. You're gonna need a loose or pressed setting powder over it.

Also, I have very fair skin. I don't know how the color would work on darker skin, especially considering the tube lists "whitening" as a feature.

Findings: If I run out of foundation I'll probably use the rest of this sample as a base. But the shininess of the finished product it's not the quick solution it could be.

Jane Tran Hair Accessory Sampler

These are cute but I can't see myself wearing them often (mostly because I don't have a matching set). They're also a little younger looking than I can probably pull off, much to my geezer chic dismay.

Findings: If I got these in my Christmas stocking I wouldn't throw them at the gift giver. They might even make it into my hair once in a while.

Caudalie Premier Cru

I have no clue what a Cru is. I know what a crew is. Or ecru but a "Cru"? Beats the shiny off my nose.

In any case, this stuff says to put it on face and neck day and night. Unfortunately they gave me just enough to cover 1/4 of my face once. I decided to put this little baby under my eyes where I have those annoying lines crap gets caked in. I've used it three times. Nothing puffed up the size of a llama. But the wrinkles haven't exactly disappeared either *shakes a fist*

One has a lovely rose scent. But for $150 I could buy a few bouquets of the real stuff and sleep with petals covering my face. I bet they'd shrink my wrinkles just as well.

Findings: If someone wants to gift me with the full-sized version, I'd use it. But pay $150? No thanks.

Borghese Gel Delicato Makeup Remover

The instructions for this stuff reads: Apply to cotton pad; sweep gently over face and around eye and lip areas. Remove with water or tissue.

I followed the instructions. It does pull off foundation and blush with one sweep. It uses up several cotton pads to do the trick. And then you have to use water to clear it up.

In the end I had to use a make-up remover wipe to get my eye make-up off because this stuff didn't make a dent. The instructions say to go AROUND the eye and lip area, implying you're not supposed to use this to remove eye or lip make-up. Personally that seems like one hell of a cop out for something touting itself as "make-up remover".

Findings: I will not be buying this stuff nor will I use the rest of the sample.

Cotz Face Natural Skin SPF 40

I'm basically a hermit. I rarely go out. And when I do, I forget sunscreen. This will likely never get used.

Hanskin Hydro Sheet Mask -- LONG BIT!

This thing comes in a foreign language with three images on the back of someone doing something questionable with their face. They put the English translation in a little booklet they added to the box. I found it later after I'd stared at the foil packet in horror for a full minute.

By the picture it looks like I'm supposed to open the packet and set the thing to my face. It will apparently mold to my skin. I don't know about you but I'm having flashbacks to the chest-burster scene from Alien. Only...what in the hell will burst from my pores after I use this mask? Maybe those cthulhu microbes found in termites? *shudders*

Needless to say, my terror with the packaging has made me hesitant to try this.

The little booklet has a table of the "Main Ingredients"
  • Squalene
  • Sea Water
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Kelp
  • Brown Algae
  • Agar-agar
  • Gulfweed
In a nutshell, they took a bucket to the beach, soaked cloth in it and packaged it up for my consumption. Clever hobbitses, I'm nearly landlocked and can't do this myself.

The thing is, the full ingredient list has Water, Glycerine, Butylene Glycol and twelve other ingredients before getting to the first "Main Ingredient"

The instructions that go along with these three questionable images are:
  1. After cleanser apply toner to balance skin condition.
  2. Apply the mask sheet onto face and adjust it for fitness.
  3. Remove the mask after 15-20 minutes and pad the rest of the essence onto face for optimal absorption.
Okay, let's talk about these. First of all, I didn't get any stinkin' toner with my mask. So I'm already deviating from the instructions. 

Adjust for fitness? Are my arms going to get so much of a work out adjusting this baby that I can count it as an aerobic workout? (Yes, I'm getting literal. Sue me. I've been through intensive edits and now it's almost ingrained).

Pad the rest of the essence? The essence of WHAT? Chest bursters? Seriously, you guys, I'm SKERRD.

But since I <3 you and I lack that little switch in my head that tells me not to do stupid shit I'll try it anyway.

Here's what the mask looks like when you pull it out of the silver packet. You can't really see it in this picture but there are eye holes in a freaky Hannibal Lecter kind of way.

I put the mask sheet on my face and adjusted it for optimal fit as instructed. I got a few shots of a terrified me waiting on the chest bursters. 

Because I seriously, really love you guys, here's the shot I'm dubbing "Hanskin Terror Mask"

I walked into the living room to show my other half. Here's how the conversation went:
MG: *stares wide-eyed and scared*
Me: "I'm trying out one of the beauty products in my box."
MG: "It didn't work. You look like the Joker, AFTER he fell in the Axis chemical vats."

After about two minutes my skin started to tingle. There was a little burn on my nose. I do have sensitive skin so I chocked that up to sensitivity and kept it on. The burn and tingle subsided after a few more minutes. Despite the horrified appearance, it's fairly comfortable to sit in for fifteen minutes. It still felt cool on my skin after a full thirteen minutes. However the chin bit popped up on me. I had to tap it down again several times.

I pulled it off after fifteen minutes, making sure to pad the rest of the "essence" on my face.

Did my face feel hydrated? more so than after I put on moisturizer. But my skin felt a little sticky to the touch.

Findings: You need to ask? Even if someone gave me another free one, I probably wouldn't use it. I definitely wouldn't pay.

You had to be pretty bored to make it this far. I solute you! <3