göt2b POWDER’ful

I've been a bzzAgent for a few months but haven't been involved in too many campaigns but I did get into this one for göt2b POWDER’ful.

Here's the box and wow, they sent THREE bottles of this stuff! Plus some coupons for other bottles.

I tried it a few days after I got it.

I have fine, wavy hair that is pretty unruly. So I tame it with a flat iron.

Below are the before and after shots.

Right after flat ironing:

With göt2b POWDER’ful (:

The effect is kind of like blowdrying my hair upside down. There's a little more body but it's nothing like the picture on the box. That may be because I'm not terribly good at styling hair.

It doesn't have an odd smell. It doesn't weigh down my hair. There's a slight sticky texture left behind but it's no where near as bad as gel or hair spray.


  1. I've been meaning to try this brand, but haven't yet (that I know of).