August 2013 Ipsy Spoiler / Sneak Peek

It's that time again! The first Ipsy spoiler has already been posted. What are your thoughts so far?

1. Urban Decay DELUXE sized Lip Stick OR NOYA Lip Balm

2. Michael Todd True Organics - Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub OR Pumpkin Mask

3. Pixi Lash Booster Mascara
4&5. TWO of the items in the below picture will be in your bag. Variation between bags will happen like the last few months. It looks like some of the items are repeats from previous bags.
Pacifica BB Cream
Nailtini Nail Polish
Chella Eyebrow Color Pencil
NYX cream blush
City Color Cheek Stain
Mica Beauty Eye Shadow (?)
Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

Pacifica posted this on their Facebook page

The bag

What items are you wishing for this month?

MidNite Dietary Sleep supplement


I got this pack of MidNite Dietary Sleep supplement free from BzzAgent.

Here's the box:

The tablets come in the foil packaging you find other OTC drugs, but this isn't a drug. It's a dietary supplement. And there are several statements on it back about it not having been evaluated by the FDA.

MidNite is chewable and cherry flavored. It didn't do anything to put me to sleep fast the times I tried it. I did wake up without grogginess, mostly because I eventually fell asleep. Can't say I can attribute the hours of sleep I got to this supplement. I sleep well Mondays through Fridays, it's just the weekend days I have trouble because I screw up my sleep schedule by sleeping in. A few times I've given up waiting and taken my usual Tylenol PM to sleep because MidNite didn't do the trick.

So...I definitely wouldn't pay for this product, even if it does taste like cherry.

The Great Goldfish Deathening - aka a review of Goldfish Mac & Cheese


MG saw this box of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Mac & Cheese Cheddar flavor at the store and wanted to try it. So we bought it.

This mac & cheese has cute little goldfish-shaped noodles complete with smiles. MG's first question was, "Can I bite their heads off?"

I said, "Yes, you certainly can."

MG's response, "Then prepare for the Great Goldfish Deathening of 2013."

MG mixed it all up and commented on how the box asks for the milk in tablespoons.

We tasted it. MG says, "It doesn't taste like mac & cheese. It tastes like cheddar. It's not bad. But definitely not like Kraft Mac N' Cheese."

Since this wasn't Kraft, that made sense. But yes, I agree that it did taste more like cheddar the Kraft's macaroni and cheese does.

I asked MG if we'd buy this again, his answer, "Probably not. At least not that flavor. There was less pasta and it didn't taste like Goldfish cheese." For the record, we always add pasta to our Kraft mac n' cheese, so I'm skeptical of his claim about less pasta.

There you have it!

Zoya Nail Polish - Julie

Anya received this in her Ipsy bag a few times ago and sent it to me. The color is awesome and surprisingly the polish is fairly pigmented. I thought I would need at least 3 coats but just with one it was almost opaque. The picture below is 2 coats on every nail.

Anya's July 21 Mani


I had MG pick the design for this. He chose the colors too, saying it had to look like a laser light show.

Used in this mani:
  • ORLY - "Liquid Vinyl"
  • Maybelline Color Show Metallics - "Blue Blowout"
  • Design - DRK-A image plate

TheBalm Betty-Lou Manizer

Betty-Lou Manizer is something I've always wanted in my make up collection because it's freaking gorgeous! I got this one from Hiiyooitscat and am so glad she found this for such a great deal. If you haven't tried theBalm products before, you are missing out. They are amazing.

The packaging is pretty as always and doesn't feel cheap (like it would break easily).
I'm a sucker for gold colors. This is a highly pigmented bronzer, that can be used as more than just bronzer. I've seen people use it as eye shadow, highlight (with a very light hand) and you can use it in nail polish as well.
As you can tell, theBalm products tend to be very pigmented. This is only one swipe for the above swatch. It blends out beautifully and will be one of my favorites to use whenever I wear make up.

TheBalm Shady Lady

This is another goodie I got from the swap from Hiiyooitscat. This one is more of a duo chrome type finish. It looks slightly black, but depending on the angle you can see a green tint to it. 

Lorac Mesmerizing Dark Chocolate Cream Eye Liner Palette

I got this palette in a swap from a fellow beauty blogger, Hiiyooitscat. She sent me a bunch of awesome goodies that I will be posting about throughout the week. Today's post is going to be swatches of the Lorac Mesmerizing Dark Chocolate Cream Eye Liner Palette.

The packaging is beautiful, my boyfriend wants to eat the "candy bar".
I had to take two pictures of the actual colors because the lighting created too much glare, sorry guys, I'm a noob when it comes to awesome pictures.
The colors are gorgeous and I can't wait to use this on a regular basis. The purple is so pretty!

Mel's July Ipsy

I originally wasn't very impressed when I peeked and saw what items I would be getting this month. After actually receiving my Ipsy bag, I've loved everything I've tried so far.

The bag itself I adore. I will be reusing this!

The Pop Beauty - Pouty Pop Crayon I received came in the color Coral Crush. I immediately opened it and did the below swatch to see how pigmented it would be.
The above swatches are to see how buildable the colors are. Top is 1 swipe, 2nd is 2 swipes and 3rd is 3 swipes. As you can tell the color is very buildable, so if you aren't a sheer type of gal, you can add more until you're happy.
Loving this color on my skintone. Can't remember how long it lasted though.
I was only slightly impressed with the shadows. I didn't take a swatch picture, but I had to pack it on to get a decent color payout. I could just be spoiled by using Urban Decay shadows a lot though.

I probably won't update (because I tend to forget) about the other products, but so far everything is pretty good so far!

What items did you get in your Ipsy this month?

Anya's July 20 Mani


Used in this mani:
  • China Glaze - "White on White"
  • ORLY - "Liquid Vinyl"
  • Design - DRK-A image plate

L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder

I purchased the L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder a few weeks ago and love the way it looks on my skin. However I do have sensitive skin and tend to break out with foundations, with the exception of a few high end ones. I was hoping that this wouldn't break me out, but within a few days I had several pimples so I won't be using it much. If you don't have sensitive skin I would recommend this!

 I like the look of the bottle, but it was a pain to get out to apply it.

I slightly expected it to be a liquid but slightly sandy type of texture. Kind of like mixing corn starch and water if you know what I mean. This is 100% liquid though.

It blended in quite well and I didn't notice any oxidation (it turning a different color after awhile). Like I said above, if you don't have sensitive skin that tends to break out easily I would suggest this foundation.

New Address!

You may have noticed that our blog has a new address now:!

The old address still works but the new one is snappier ;)

July Julep "It Girl" Box


For July's Julep Box I went back to my usual "It Girl" with the three polishes. The colors are:
  • Angela -- Deep sea blue molten with a chrome finish
  • Tracy -- Sparkly ocean blue sea salt
  • Nadia -- Sun-kissed golden frost
  • Bonus: Green Tea Facial Blotting Papers (40 sheets)

I bought two add-ons:

  • Blakely -- Purple and green molten with a chrome finish
  • Adele -- Golden reflective top coat with a "Holographic" finish

Here's a swatch of Angela:

Here's a shot of Tracy and then one of Tracy's sea salt texture:

Here's Nadia swatched. A few of these have 1 thin coat and the other are 1 thick coat:

Here's Add-on Blakely Swatched:

Here's Add-on Adele on top of Blakely Swatched:

And another:

Anya's July Ipsy Bag


Here's my July Ipsy Bag:

  • Big Sexy Hair Weather Proof Humidity Resistant Spray
  • Coola organic mineral sunscreen face 20 SPF
  • bh Cosmetics California Collection Eyeshadow Sample
  • nailtini lacquer in "Mai Tai" (it more of a pink/peachy than the photo above)
  • Pop Beauty pouty pop crayon "Coral Crush"

Reviews may come later...

Box War Polishes


Melissa sent me some polishes last week. Here's the haul:
  • Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color "Electric Emerald"
  • Urban Outfitters "Moonstone"
  • Sephora Pantone Universe "Rose Dawn"
  • Candy Coating "Jolly Green"
Here are the swatches:

Moonstone One Coat

Moonstone Two Coats

Moonstone Three Coats

This Candy Coating "Jolly Green" topcoat by Urban Outfitters is clear but has a scent...minty?

Here's a swatch of the Sally magnetic polish:

Here's a swatch of the awesome Rose Dawn polish: