Julep Sea Salt Mystery Box

Julep sent another email about a mystery box. This one was "Sea Salt Finish" for $24.99. It promised $70-200 worth of product plus a bottle of Julep's new Sea Salt Finish polish. So I decided to give it a try. The box ended up coming with 4 polishes total plus pomegranate body creme.

There's the pomegranate body creme.

Sea Salt Finish "Sadie"

Polishes "Dakota", "Janel", "Sally" (above)

These all covered fairly well in one coat. The colors are nice, especially the the coppery Dakota.
The sea salt finish isn't exactly matte because it has glitter in it but it dries with a gritty/sandy feel.


  1. The sea salt one looks interesting! Is it kind of like those sand polishes that came out not too long ago??

  2. I think so...except it also has glitter in it...