Huge Sample Giveaway!

I cleaned my desk and came away with loads of deluxe samples I can't use. That means you win! There are even several full-sized items.

The grand prize (US Only) is a box of the items in these three photographs:

Runner up prize (US Only) is an envelope of samples:

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Sally Hansen Color Foil - Minted Metal


We stopped at a Target in Connecticut last week during our vacation and spotted this color foil polish. I'm mad about metallics, especially colored ones, so I grabbed a bottle. The one I picked had a greenish bottle with the name "Minted Metal". The polish dries a bit on the blue side of green but it's still pretty. 

I didn't have a top coat with me on vacation, so here's a shot without (see hideous PA hotel bedspread beneath the Cathy Maxwell paperback):

The mani fared fairly well for a metallic without a top coat over days of travel, shopping, and a trip to the amusement park :)

"Leather Effect Nail Polish" Review


This is another Ulta buy. I spotted it on my way to the register after a hair appointment. The little skull and crossbones thingies sold me. I hunted all over the packaging for a company name and couldn't find one. So, I have no idea who made this. It might just be Ulta...

Here's what it looks like:

This doesn't work as directed:

Shaking the little tubes over the nails doesn't work well because the "chips" are actually quite large. This would be neat for Halloween but not an everyday look...unless you're Goth ;)

The leather effect is on par with the Nails Inc. polish I tried and cost the same but came with the extra tubes, so it's a pretty good deal if you're wanting special effect polishes.

Anya's Long Overdue Update

I've been wicked lazy lately and haven't been doing the make-up thing. That means I've not been trying any of the samples I've been I haven't posted about them.

In case you're curious what I've gotten in my Ipsy bags in April & May, here are shots of them. 

The only thing I've tried was the pur-lisse moisturizer in May's bag because it came in a tiny bottle I could take with me on vacation. It had a scent that put me off though and I stopped using it after the first day.

April Ipsy Bag
May Ipsy Bag

Julep - June "My Maven" Box


Julep started a new deal in June called "My Maven". Julep Mavens can now customize their boxes. 

The catch? It costs $5 more a month and is charged every three months instead of monthly and there is no downgrading once you've upgraded. They don't warn you of that before you try it out, so beware!

I went ahead and upgraded because most months I found I only wanted half of any given box.

Here's what I picked this month:
  • Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat
  • Phia - "Alluring orchid iridescent chrome"
  • Jennine - Star Dust Finish - "Full-coverage borealis blue stardust (matte glitter)"

Here are the polishes (with Editor Cat looking on):

And swatches of them (alternating Jennine and Phia from left to right):

The Stardust finish has a sandy feel to it, but unlike most glitters, this one comes off fairly easily. That's a huge plus in my book :)

I've yet to try out the oxygen base coat, but if it's miraculous, I'll be sure to post about it :)

OPI - Push & Shove


I got my hair dyed at Ulta last weekend and stumbled on this in the clearance bin on my way out: the Gwen Stefani "Push and Shove" duet pack from OPI. It was half off, so a mere $4.50. I'd debated buying it at full price but decided against it. But at $4.50, I couldn't resist.

Here's what came inside: a full-sized bottle of polish and the "Lay Down That Base" base coat.

The base coat dries a little on the matte side. The polish goes on like most other metallics but dries with a foil-like sheen that is beautiful. It looks best on nails that have been buffed smooth.

All in all I'm pleased with my clearance buy ;)

Silver toes:

June 2014 Ipsy Spoiler / Sneak Peek

I didn't forget about Ipsy spoilers this month, so here we go!!

1. NYX - Butter Gloss

JUNE SNEAK PEEK #1: Headed to paradise with the one you love? Make sure your lips are pout-perfect with one of these pretty picks.

2. One of these items will be in your bag this month.
-Jesse's Girl - Liquid Eyeliner
-NickA K - Shimmer Eyeliner
-NickA K - Shimmer Eyeliner
-OFRA - Eye Liner Pencil

JUNE SNEAK PEEK #2: Every time you close your eyes, it will be paradise with one of these amazing products in your June Glam Bag.

3. Two items below will be in your bag this month!
-OleHenrikson - Truth to Go Cleansing Wipes
-Be a Bombshell - Lash Out Mascara
-Ofra - Eyebrow Eyeliner
-clariSEA - Sea Salt Solutions Rapid Detox Charcoal 
-Skiin - Olive & Enzyme Rich Balm Cleanser

JUNE SNEAK PEEK #3: Life is beautiful with two of these exciting discoveries in your bag this month!

4. One of the items below will be in your bag this month!
JUNE SNEAK PEEK #4: Paradise is filled with nothing but fabulous hair days, especially with one of these awesome items in your Glam Bag!