Kat Von D - Triple Threat Tattoo Liners

About 2 years back I ran across the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner (eyeliner) at Sephora and purchased it on a whim. To my surprise, I fell in love and haven't found anything better since. The formula stays on my eye lids (upper and lower) all day without smudging. It doesn't flake, peel, or crack. I have oily lids, so this is amazing to me.

I read online that people were finding the Triple Threat Tattoo Liners set at TJ Maxx and started looking for it about a week ago but couldn't find it. I finally found it today, so if you are on the hunt for it, keep searching! I found these in the check out line, not sure why they moved some of the make up and nail polish there, but that's where I found it.

If you're wondering why this is such an amazing deal, I'll tell you right now. These are three FULL SIZE eye liners. If you purchase a single one at Sephora, it goes for $18. So you're basically getting $54 worth of eyeliner for $6.99 + tax. The difference between these and the single one sold at Sephora are the tips. This set was originally sold at Sephora, but it isn't there any more.

These are all liquid eye liner if you couldn't tell, and I suggest it if you're starting out or wanting to try liquid eye liner. The applicator makes it easy to do thin lines that you could build up if you want a more dramatic look.

September Ipsy Sneak Peek / Spoiler

Wow, there is already a spoiler for the September Ipsy!

1) Everyone will receive one of these Pacifica items in their September bag.
Pacifica - Natural Waterproof Eye Pencil
Pacifica - 7 Free Nail Polish

September Sneak Peek #1: Get ready to strut your #StreetStyle and steal the show with one of these Pacifica signature beauties. Liner or lacquer ... Which one are you hoping for?

2. Everyone will be getting one of these items in their bag this month.

Hikari - Lipstick
Maybelline - Master Glaze
Cailyn - Art Touch Tinted Lip Gloss Stick

September Sneak Peek #2: Step aside, September Issues. Pretty sure our #StreetStyle Glam Bag will be the highlight of your mailbox this month, especially since you're getting one of these on-trend shades (ahem, in full size) to wear all season long. Which of these are you hoping to make a statement with?
3. -
4. -
5. -
Bag: -

August LootCrate

I received my August LootCrate box today and my boyfriend went nuts over it. LootCrate is a monthly subscription box for geeks/gamers. Each month has a different theme, this month's theme was HEROS.

1) Kidrobot - TMNT Full Figure
2) Funko POP! Groot Exclusive
3) H2W - TMNT Mask Glasses
4) Sega and Epic Scents - Sonic Air Freshener
5) Schwings - Shoe Lightning Bolts
6) Loot Crate Labs - Magnet
7) Loot Crate Labs - Bonus Digital Loot

Rainbow Honey August Mystery Bag

I received my Rainbow Honey August Mystery Bag (mini) yesterday and opened it up today. I could immediately smell something sweet and fruity and delicious. I get the mini bag because I can never go through an entire nail polish, so the mini sizes (5ml) are perfect for me.

The mini subscription is $10.00 and then $2.95 for shipping. So total I pay per month is $12.95.

Here is the info card that came with the goodies.

The mystery bag generally comes with three polishes, and a few extras. I've gotten a scented cuticle balm the last few bags, and also a mini roller ball perfume, but the body splash is new to me!

Here's a close up of the polishes. The blue (488nm) is gorgeous, and will be coming out in 2015.
L to R - and what the info card says about each.
1) Modern Hearts - A mix of peach, pink, and neon matte glitters with white hearts in a shimmery base. Colorful and playful! Have fun!
2) 488nm - A brand new (and gorgeous) solid azure blue creme, part of an upcoming 2015 collection! Let us know what you think!
3) Royal Fruits Scented Top Coat - Our well-known top coat will add a layer of protection to each new mani, now available in a brand new scent, Royal Fruits! A summery fragrance reminiscent of beautiful warm weather and refreshing summer fruits!

I had to swatch that blue polish immediately, and I wound up loving it so much I did all of my nails. Still need to clean up the polish, so excuse the ugly lol. I also wound up tossing on the scented top coat, it smells amazing and dries shiny and fast.

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