Perfume List

The following is a list of the samples I (Anya) have gotten in my beauty boxes or by ordering from Sephora. I'm only including samples that come in sprayable tubes (rather than those crappy little slips of paper I sometimes get).

This list is primarily for tracking what I've already tried but maybe it will help you too. Scent is such a subjective thing...

  • "Alien" by Thierry Mugler  - 2 stars -- nothing that stands out for me.
  • "Billionaire Boyfriend" by Kate Walsh - 2 stars -- nothing that stands out for me.
  • "Lady Gaga Fame"by Coty  - 2 stars -- nothing that stands out for me.
  • "Orange Sanguine" by Atelier Cologne - 3 stars -- this scent with a citrusy punch is so different from everything else that I have to give it 3 stars but it's not one I'd buy.
  • "Rose Anonyme" by Atelier Cologne - 4.5 stars -- this musky rose perfume is one of my favorites. I wish it wasn't $75 for a tiny bottle or I'd have bought it.
  • "Viva La Juicy La Fleur" by Juicy Couture - 3.5 stars -- I wasn't a huge fan of this initially but it has lasting aroma that is fresh and floral. I might actually buy this one some day...on clearance of course ;)
  • "Juicy Couture" by Juicy Couture - 3 stars -- Similar to the one above.
  • "couture La La" by Juicy Couture - 2 stars -- my least favorite Juicy scent so far.
  • "Skin" by Clean - 4 stars -- I really like this crisp scent.
  • "Rain" by Clean - 4 stars -- This is a sweeter scent than "Skin" but still nice.
  • "Loverdose" by Diesel - 2.5 stars -- Though it's unique, it smells a little too much like black licorice for my taste.
  • "twirl" by Kate Space - 3 stars - A girlish scent I didn't initially like but came to enjoy.
  • "Omnia Crystalline" by Bvlgari - 1 star -- Smells more like rubbing alcohol than anything else.
  • "Skinny Chic" by Harvey Prince - 2 stars -- nothing that stands out for me.
  • "euphoria"by Calvin Klein - 2.5 stars -- a floral scent that doesn't stand out for me.

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