This Week's Manicure

I (Anya) have been super busy between the promotion I didn't want at my day job and the books I'm editing at night. My nails suffered. Thankfully I turned in edits on Sunday night and have had a little bit of time to catch up.

Here's the manicure I did last night:

This one uses:
Base Polish: Maybelline Color Show "Go Go Green" 340
Stamp Polish: ORLY - "Liquid Vinyl" 40484
Bundle Monster Image Plate BM-212

I'm pleased with the Maybelline polish. It was cheap (under $4) and coats well. I've yet to stamp with it. Check back for news about that.


  1. Are those... eye balls? I love it!

  2. I thought they were more like peacock feathers. But I suppose they could be billed as eye balls :)

  3. Aww now I see peacock feathers. I'm just going to say they're eye balls :D