illamasqua Rubber Finish Nail Varnish

This product was one of Sephora's picks a few weeks ago. I read the title "Rubber Finish Nail Varnish" and knew I had to have it. I ordered the dark green color called "Kink."

The box it came in is sophisticated and the bottle has an awesome rubberized cap on it. I had high expectations as a result.

Unfortunately I was let down. The "innovative rubber-like finish" isn't innovative or rubber-like at all. It's not shiny. It's not matte. It simply looks like cheap polish.

The coverage is decent in one coat, though no better than the Maybelline polish I discussed in an earlier post (which costs $10 LESS than this one).

At $14 a bottle, I expected a cool rubberized effect like the cap on the bottle. That's not what you get.

My other half says it does look kind of rubbery. He liked it. But he admitted it was the color he liked most. I agree this is a nice green.

This polish does a decent job stamping however the color isn't as rich (check out my manicure from Sept 30th).

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  1. Hmm that looks exactly how my Andrea's Choice neon nail polishes go on. It has that matte kind of look. That's disappointing consider how much it is. :(