Anya's September Birchbox

This Month's Birchbox featured the following (shown above)

  • kate spade new york Twirl
  • Purple twistband™ Hair Tie
  • 1 tili Bag
  • WEI™ to Go Sleep Over Kit: Real Clean and Ideal Skin
  • 21 drops Aromatherapy Blends "Focus" scent
  • Birchbox and Color Club® Custom Collection "Status Update"

My favorite products in this box are the twistband hair tie and the Color Club polish.

This does exactly what it says it will. From Birchbox's web site:
"They keep hair secure without leaving ugly creases behind, and look as good on our wrists as they do in our ponytails."

Color Club
I've never tried Color Club. The dark gray color went on with 1 coat, nice and opaque and it held up for several days. I haven't tried stamping with it (my free time has been sadly lacking).

Update: 9/29 I added a swatch for one coat of this color (above).
I've also stamped with it. It stamps really well. The color is nice and rich.

21 Drops
I used this last night and ended up feeling queasy but not focused. I'm not sure if my queasiness was related or not but I'm half afraid to try it again. 

This one is billed as:
The appropriately named Focus uses rosemary leaf oil, peppermint leaf oil, and a touch of frankincense to help you concentrate.

twirl by Kate Space 
is not for me. 

It's billed as being 
"fruity floral"
"combination of top notes of watermelon, blackberry, and red currant"
"a middle layer of orange blossom, jasmine, and magnolia."
"Musk and a dose of French macaroons balance the composition and add an undercurrent of sophistication."

I don't like watermelon. Maybe that's why.

Wei to Go
The "Real Clean" Gelled Oil Cleanser did a fine job cleaning my make-up off my face. I tested it by running a cotton pad soaked in astringent over one cheek. The pad came back clean. So, nice job.
It was a little strange because the product didn't feel like it did much at first. But the proof was on the cotton pad (or rather what wasn't on the cotton pad).

I'd say the "Ideal Skin" Perfect Finish wasn't anything spectacular. The product doesn't specifically say it's foundation, but basically that's what it is. 
It says it doesn't require moisturizer but my skin soaked it right up. Maybe that's the point since it's supposed to benefit skin over time? I didn't have time to layer too much on my skin.
I'm not terribly pleased with the package it came in. There's a small hole beneath that white cap. You smoosh the envelope and a small amount comes out. Both packages say to use a pea sized amount. I had to use more. I guess my face is needier ;)

tili Bag
These were my least favorite product in this box. 
They're glorified ziplock bags for like 5x the price.
No thank you.

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