butter London Nail Lacquers from Coterie

Melissa (LilyElement) sent me to this new site Coterie where they had a deal on butter London Nail Lacquers. The deal was pick 3 Nail Lacquers and get a bottle of  Hardwear P.D. Quick Topcoat for $36. On top of that she gave me a coupon for $25 off. So after shipping I got this whole deal for $15.99.

I was excited to try this brand especially for such a steal.

The colors I picked are Bluey, West End Wonderland, and All Hail The Queen.

Here are swatches of these polishes (one coat).


 West End Wonderland

 All Hail The Queen

My first impression is that they won't work for stamping. My second is that I'll need several coats of polish or a base color beneath for these to look decent. These days I like polishes that will coat with one coat (and can be used for stamping). So I'm a little disappointed with these offerings. But at the price I got them for, I can't complain.

The quick top coat is decent. Though I've only tested out the quick dry aspect so far. It's as good as the Seche Vite and Essie I've tried in terms of quickness. We'll see how it holds up over daily wear and tear.

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  1. I got the same deal but with the matte top coat :) My favorite is the All Hail The Queen. Knackered (the purple) is like Bluey - it would need multiple coats to be opaque.