SO Silver Tone Butterfly Charm Hair Ties

I loved the hair ties in this month's Birchbox (even though Melissa says I can make them much cheaper). I saw a similar item at Kohl's a few weeks ago. And then I got a nice $10 off anything coupon in the mail.

I headed off to JoAnn Fabrics first to see if I could find elastic ribbon on the cheap. But not only didn't I find any on the cheap, I also didn't find any at all (other than a very thin silver elastic).

Armed with my $10 coupon I headed next door to Kohl's.

The SO® Silver Tone Butterfly Charm Hair Tie Set was $16 for 8 hair ties (3 have silver charms attached) but on sale for $9.99. A perfect price with my coupon. I walked out with these hair ties for free.

I've been wearing the orange one all day. It's doing as good a job (maybe better) as the one from my Birchbox. Thus far. We'll see how it holds up over time (the one from the Birchbox has lost a little of its original elasticity).

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  1. Weird, I'd think JoAnn's Fabrics would have it. Maybe it's at the sewing only stores like Hancock Fabrics.