Stila Dream in Full Color Palette

I was out shopping and ran across some awesome deals on eye shadow palettes at Nordstrom Rack. This one is probably my favorite find since I've had my eye on this palette since it was released at Sephora.

Stila - Dream in Full Color
Original Price: $39
Sale Price: $9.75

This is currently on sale on stila's website for $18. Dream in Full Color

Size: Eye shadows total: .65 oz. /18.5 g, Cheek color total: .38 oz. /10.8 g; Smudge: .01 oz./ .28 g

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It comes with the 29 eye shadow, 7 cheek colors and the smudge stick waterproof eye liner.
I'm in love with over 3/4ths of the colors.
Close up of the center colors. The very middle one (Kitten) is a great highlight color.


 Comes with 7 different looks that can be achieved using the palette.
Also includes a diagram of what the names are for each color. This was also on the back of the box, but I didn't want to keep the box since it's big and bulky.

Eye liner:
I can't wait to try this eye liner out. I received one in one of my Birchboxes a few months back but had a really hard time winding it. If you wind up getting a stila smudge stick just beware that it does NOT wind back into the holder. Do NOT wind more than you need. They do this for hygienic reasons from what I've heard, when you wind a liner back down the bacteria goes into the tube with it.

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  1. Oohh I saw that palette a few weeks back on Sephora and wanted it too. Sweet find!