Zoya Deal - Cancelled

So I hopped on Facebook today and my buddy told me that the awesome Zoya Trick or Treat deal was cancelled if you only ordered a color spoon. Sorry guys, if you want to fight it with their customer service you can. The link below is a cached Zoya page on October 29th, it does NOT state that color spoons are restricted on promotions. They have since changed it.


Furthermore, if you tried to click on the promo details (rules) when clicking the Trick or Treat haunted house, you were not able to click and read anything. Anyway, Zoya is honoring any non color spoon orders. They will not be emailing the cancelled orders people. If you want to get another code so you can make a new order, you can contact them via their website, call, or live chat.

Read all the hubbub on their facebook page HERE.

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