RoseVoxBox: Kiss Nail Art

I received this Kiss Gradation Polish Kit in the Influenster Rose Vox Box and was thrilled. 
I'd considered buying this package for $6.99 at Walmart but decided to read the back and try to duplicate the effect on my own with polishes I already had. That...didn't work out so well.

Read on to see how the kit worked out for me.

This includes three polishes, a silver metallic, a darker gray metallic, and a dark grey glitter.
The instructions say to do two coats with the silver and let it dry.

So here is the first coat:

The directions say to put the darker gray on the top 1/3 of your nails and then, while that is wet, apply the glitter polish to the top half of the nail. So I didn't get a chance to take a picture between the second and third coats. Here's the end result:

The effect is pretty cool, and easier than ombre using sponges. Not to mention I used less polish and didn't need a sponge for this. Clean up is easier as well because I wasn't sponging all over my fingers. 

So in conclusion, this is a great buy :)

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