RoseVoxBox: Rimmel London Scandaleyes retro glam mascara

I got into the beauty box subscription habit because I'd wanted mascara. Now I have oodles of mascara tubes and not enough eyelashes to use them on. But free is always good. This tube of Rimmel's "scandaleyes retro glam mascara" was free from the Rose Vox Box/ Influenster.

Influenster lists retail as $5.99 and it hits shelves this month.

The brush is pretty huge (admittedly I've been using the small Benefit "They're Real" tube for like a year so everything feels huge in comparison) and it has a nifty shape that makes covering the lashes a breeze. And though I didn't try multiple coats, it didn't clump like several mascaras I've tried. Afterward my lashes were nice and black, fairly thick, and the product lasted several hours before I took it off using makeup remover. I didn't try crying (haha) and I didn't get caught in the rain, so I can't speak on how it stands up to a bad day and the elements.

HOWEVER, day two I hadn't showered prior to putting make-up on. The mascara went on my right eye with little trouble however the left eye clumped into five massive spidery legs. I wiped it off and tried again. Same problem. So I wiped it off, found my little lash comb and combed it out. The application after combing wasn't as bad but it wasn't nearly as good as yesterday. What changed? Only the lack of steam on my lashes.

I'm no longer sure what to say about this product.

Yesterday I thought $5.99 was a great deal for a full-sized mascara that could run with the big boys. But after today, I no longer think this can run with the big boys. I won't be using this again, even if my little tube of Benefit "They're Real" runs out. I'd rather pay the $10 for the good stuff than risk spider legs.
Here's a bad-quality picture of it on my eyes from day 1:

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