Review: Maybelline Vintage Leather Polish

Maybelline's Color Show polishes are a bargain (they're usually about $2.99), so when I saw a display for their new "Vintage Leather" line at Target, I literally squealed and promptly Instagramed it. The bottle shown here is actually a green rather than aqua.

The effect is a matte, almost chalk board consistency with a powdery cast as if I'd kept my fingers in hard water for too long. MG thinks it's neat. I think it's meh. Here's how it looked after one day:

And I hadn't even done dishes, laundry, or anything else but standard day-to-day.

So, if you're looking for a neat effect you can apply and then remove the next day, this is a bargain. But if you want long wearing without having to float between top coats? Look elsewhere.

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