Overstock find: Yankee Candle at Burlington Coat Factory

I was near my local Burlington Coat Factory tonight so I figured I'd stop in in case they had some nice sweaters. They had absolutely zilch decent stuff in the clothing aisle for big girls like me. But they did have this...an entire display of legitimate Yankee Candle candles. No knock offs here (though on the other side of the display they had some convincing knock offs called Tuscany Candles).

These were Christmas and Autumn Yankee scents like Falling Leaves, Pumpkin, Cookie Swap, Christmas Candy, and a bunch of others. They had several different sizes (not shown), styles (the candles with the metal lids?), and scents. Most were at least 50% off retail prices.

$28 is super expensive for a candle, even a large one...but that's about what retail is for these babies. $13 is a bit more doable. These days we're more into burning oils and wax tarts than we are on the candles. I didn't end up buying any of those. 

But I did buy this three pack of Car Jars for $4.99. That's a sweet deal. Those things are something like $3 a piece retail.

So if you've got a Burlington Coat Factory nearby, and if you love Yankee Candle as much as I do, head over there!

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