Lush - Aqua Marina Cleanser

I've always been on the search for a good facial cleanser that works well with my sensitive skin. I've tried this out in the past and loved it but forgot to purchase a new one. I went to Lush this past weekend and snagged a sample of it.

Though the sample looks small, this will last probably a week to two weeks due to only having to use a tiny amount every usage.

Ingredients (from the website):
Glycerine , Calamine Powder , Kaolin , Irish Moss Infusion (Chondrus crispus) , Aloe Vera Gel (Aloe barbadensis) , Sea Salt (Sodium Chloride) , Nori Seaweed (Fucus vesiculosus) , Sweet Orange Oil (Citrus dulcis) , Patchouli Oil (Pogostemon cablin) , Carrageenan , Perfume

What the product states (from the website):
Do you remember putting calamine lotion on bug bites as a child? Aqua Marina was made with the same principle in mind; using the soothing pink extract to reduce redness and inflammation in sensitive skin. Those who have a tendency to react to citrus or strong herbal oils will find salvation in Aqua Marina’s gentle aloe vera and moisturizing nori seaweed. Especially cooling on sun burnt faces, Aqua Marina is perfect for normal to dry skin types. Your cleanser will remain fresh for up to three months. Always check the expiration date on your product.

My review:
Due to the nature of Lush products, these do have a relatively short shelf life of normally a year. Every product comes with a sticker saying when it is made, and when it will expire. In most cases if you use the product at least a few times a week, you'll be fine and won't be throwing away a product when it's due to expire. 

Aqua Marina is a thick pink creamy texture with bits of seaweed wrapped around/mixed in. I love using this because it makes my skin super soft, and gives it moisture all while soothing it. In most cases my skin becomes super dry when using a normal facial wash/cleanser, this product is perfect for me though! 

3.5 oz - $13.95
8.8 oz - $28.95 

Would I recommend this product to others? Yes! If you have sensitive skin, and want to try a more natural product, give this a shot. You can always pop into a local Lush store and get a demo of it, or even ask for a sample.

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