Review: Ulta House of Hues pallete

Did I mention Ulta opened a store in my city? No? Well, they did! And omg, it's a beautiful thing!

Guess who went to their grand opening two days in a row? That's right! This girl! Day one I scored a $5 gift card and used it to buy barrettes. Day two I dragged MG with me so we could get two gift cards, we ended up with $10 and $25 *makes a triumphant fist*

So I bought this little "House of Hues" palette I'd been eyeing the day before. It cost me $2.14 using the $10 gift card.

Here's the back. It says there are 9 lip colors, 18 eye shadows, 3 blush shades, 2 bronzers, 1 highlighting powder, 1 eye liner pencil and an applicator.

Loads of sweet colors to try, right? And the palette isn't too big to carry in a purse.

Here they are without the cover:

I tested this out today using shadows: Sage, Rags to Riches, and Glamazon, as well as Glow and Sunkissed (bronzer/blush), and Pink Chocolate/Vintage wine, plus the eye liner.

The shadows and blushes are nicely pigmented. The lip colors weren't but I may have picked colors a little close to my lip's skin tone.

Here's the result (with Urban Decay eye primer):

I'm pretty pleased with this set. It's a good deal for $12. Even better that I paid $2 ;)

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