Ulta Nail FX Kit

Yesterday we headed up to Indy for Iron Man 3 and I stopped at Ulta on the way back.
I discovered this intriguing set of top coats for $15. I'll confess I specifically wanted it because it claimed to have a holographic top coat. These are full-sized bottles so for $15, that's a pretty good deal.

Their web site says:
Set includes 4 topcoats with benefits ranging from extended wear, increased shine, and intensified color. Choose from matte, smokey and holographic finishes.

Here's what the box says:
  • Color Enhancing topcoat - Brightens and intensifies any nail enamel. Pops in direct sunlight and glows under black light.
  • Matte topcoat - Create a matte effect when applied over any shade.
  • Holographic topcoat - Futuristic rainbow holographic effect when used alone. Silvery holographic frost when used over any colored nail enamel.
  • Smokey topcoat - Gives any shade of polish a dark smokey effect. Extends wear and increases shine.

Here's a swatch of one coat on Julep's "Rose". 
  • Thumb = no top coat
  • Index finger = color enhancing -- this one doesn't seem to do a whole lot but I didn't try it under a black light and I didn't try it in direct sunlight.
  • Middle finger = holographic -- nice effect but it does partially cover the underlying color. I'd expected it to be a little more sheer than it is.
  • Ring finger = matte -- disappointing matte effect compared to every other matte top coat I've tried.
  • Pinky finger = smokey - Darkens the color. Supposedly makes it shinier and last longer? I didn't notice extra shine, mostly because its darker than the original color. And I didn't leave it on long enough to test the durability.


As I mentioned, this was only $15 for 4 bottles. It's a pretty good value.
Though I'm a bit disappointed the matte wasn't better with one coat but the holographic top coat probably makes up for that.

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  1. The holo top coat does cover the color quite a bit. I wonder how it compares to the indie holo top coat. Hmmm.