DRK-A stamp plate, Ninja Polish XL Stamper AND this week's Mani

I saw this DRK-A plate on Ninja Polish's web site months ago but it was more expensive than I could afford at the time. Then it went out of stock! They finally emailed me last month. Luckily this time it was in stock when I had the money.

I went ahead and grabbed the Ninja Polish XL Stamper too because the stamper was larger and white (the red one I have makes stamping with red polishes almost impossible).

The plate isn't as big as I thought it would be but the designs are huge. I've only used one so far, the spider web design. I also used the new stamp. Both were amazing!

Here's a shot of the mani (with ORLY "Black Vinyl" and Julep's "Zelda")

Update May 26 - XL Stamper set

I forgot to mention that I also bought the XL stamper because of the scrapers included in the package. They are all plastic instead of plastic with a metal scraper edge. The plastic doesn't scratch up the plates when scraping (which is important to me). They work better than the old credit card I'd been using. 

Because of this and the ease of use, I highly suggest this package (Ninja Polish XL Stamper) instead of the Konad ones you can buy on Amazon, etc. The stamper is extra squishy and extra large. It has worked beautifully every time I've used it.

The only cons I'd mention for the Ninja polish version of this set is that the white squishy stamp that comes with it tends to pop out and it collects dust/cat hair that is a little hard to clean off.

I've read reviews of people having problems using it compared to the harder ones. I didn't have any problem but then I have been stamping for a year now. But it comes with the red, harder version of the big stamp too so there's really no reason not to get this deal.

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