MG does Anya's makeup (Picture heavy)

Melissa challenged my guy (MG) and I to the "BF does my makeup" makeup challenge last week. She's already posted hers and it's GREAT.

Last night I asked MG if he wanted everything I had or just a few makeup products.
His response was, "Well, I'm colorblind so..."
I said, "That's half the fun."
MG: "Well, okay then."
Me: "Do you want to see the stuff so you can research it?"
MG: "Nah, I'll wing it."

So today I grabbed my stash of makeup and dropped it on the coffee table for him. He picked most of them up, assuming there'd be directions. HAH. I had to gather them into piles so he'd know which was which (that cheater).

I had him take a few before shots.

First we had a difference of opinion on whether or not I needed foundation. MG says, "You look better without that crap. With it you look plasticy." Cue the awwww's.

I told him there was NO way my pictures would go up on the Internet without foundation...and then I had him take before shots sans foundation. Yeah, I'm not terribly bright.

Eight minutes later, this was me after a reluctant application of Smashbox PhotoFinish Luminizing Primer and Revlon Colorstay Foundation (and a goofy-ass smile):

MG was wigged out that he had to use his fingers for the primer. I gave him the option of using a brush for the foundation but he opted for his fingers again.

Next MG decided it was time for eyeliner. He chose Mica Cosmetics' Gel Eyeliner. He complained quite a bit about how hard the eyeliner brush's bristles were. I gave him two other choices he declared were either "too plasticy" or "made of metal".

Initially he made me cuddle up under his armpit. He'd intended to curl his arm around my face from the other side and apply the liner that way. As if we were seated at a movie theater with him copping a feel. But I couldn't stop laughing and he couldn't quite reach. So he decided the only way it would work was if I straddled him. *rolls her eyes*

So up I popped onto his lap so he could line my eyes.

Halfway through he says, "It looks really, really bad. It looks like an epileptic 90-year-old man with Alzheimer's and..."
Me: "I do? Or it looks like that person did my eyes?"
MG: "Yeah."
Me: "Which one?"
MG: "Yes."
Me: *laughs*
MG: "Cuz the line's all wavy and there's missed spots."
Me:  "So it looks like one epileptic 90-year-old man did another epileptic 90-year-old man's eyes?"
MG: "Yeah."

MG on trying to touch up my eyeliner: "I don't think you're gonna be table-top quality. More like Slop-n-Go." [of RPG mini painting]

Here's the after shot with the eyeliner (10 minutes after the last picture):

Next MG picked a eyeshadow palette, Maybelline Eyestudio "Forest Fury". It took him a mere seven minutes to apply the shadow (and glitter).

At this point MG says: "I'm just gonna go pack a suitcase."

Add another four minutes for benefit's "They're Real!" mascara in which he was way more worked up about being "near my eye" than I was.

Then he did lipgloss BareMinerals Marvelous Moxi in "Dare Devil".

MG: "Hey, I did these [my lips] well. I'm just gonna claim victory. We should just take pictures of only your'll be like that one commercial with the lips."
Me: "Limoncelllllooo."
MG: "No, that animated one...where the lips are cut out..."
Me: "DQ?"
MG: "Is it DQ? With the buck teeth?"
Me: "Are you saying I have buck teeth?"
MG: "No, but... I'm saying the rest of the picture is gonna creep through. It'll be like Chuckie. And it won't die. So even though it's not in the picture, it'll show up when people see 'em."
Me: *shakes her head and laughs*
MG: "You know in the right lighting, you'd just look like a teenage goth girl."
Me: "Teenage?"
MG: "Yeah, cuz they don't know how to do makeup yet."

I reminded him he hadn't done blush. He busts out and says, "You sure you really want me to do that much surface area?" He picked a pale Stila blush from the "dream in full color" palette specifically so it wouldn't be seen. That involved him holding the palette up to my head, eyeballing which hue was the least offensive.

So here's the FINAL, Joker-esque end product after 40 minutes:

MG suggested I let him poke my eyes out before I looked at these photos. He was really way more worked up about it than I ever was. 

I took one look at my face and busted out. I shouted, "CLOWN!" MG says, "No clown ever looked this scary." 

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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  1. The lips do look beautiful! Great job Anya's man! :)