October Julep Maven

I couldn't resist this month's Julep Maven box.
I've gone with "It Girl" since the start. Mostly because I prefer polishes to products.
But this month I had a tough choice because the product was fast dry drops.

So I got the drops as an add-on.

Add-ons ship separately. Here is what arrived:

The main box looked like this inside:

I love the Halloween details with the orange crinkled confetti and the candy corn. The drops were packed with black crinkled confetti.
This month they sent glitter pots. I didn't expect those so that was a nice surprise.

Here is how the polish was wrapped (that's a black paper bag):

And here are the polishes.

Leslie (a dark gray metallic)
Glenda (silver crackle)
Caroline (a dark ruby/blood red metallic)

Here's everything I got this month (with the add-on of the drops):

Swatches of Leslie and Caroline:

Leslie coats very well with one coat. I suspect it will stamp well. 

Caroline would need 2 coats. And when it's not under a bright light, it looks almost black.
Sometimes that's a neat effect...at least as a base coat. I don't think it would be as neat as a stamped color.

The crackle is a standard crackle. I've had my fill of crackles. They're so hit or miss, even from one sitting to another in the same bottle. But I really wanted both the colors in the It Girl box so I went with it.

The drops worked very well. So far. 
If these turn out to be the holy grail of fast dry, I will definitely devote an entire post to them :)

I'm going to experiment with everything in this set (stamping, crackling, glitter pots, & quick-dry polishing). More pictures may come later.

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  1. What exactly do you do with glitter pots?
    And let me know how the fast dry drops work out! :D