Maybelline Color Show Polish -- Excellent Value

This was another find today at lunch. 

I've already bought the "Go Go Green" polish from Maybelline Color Show (it's in one of the earlier posts).

So when I spotted these metallics for $2.97, I couldn't resist.

One is called "Denims" but it's more of a glittery metallic than anything denim I've ever seen.

These are:
Amethyst Ablaze 90 (Metallics)
Styled Out 20 (Denims)

And here they are on my nails (roughly one coat):

As you can see, the Denim polish dries with an almost matte finish. The metallics polish reflects the light well.

I've yet to try stamping with these, but at $2.97 a bottle, I don't care if they stamp well or not.
These are amazing and an excellent value.

But be careful. Not all of the Color Show polishes are 1-coat polishes.

I did a stripe of the neon pink and it was very thin (as most of the neons I've tried are).
It would be fine as long as you're okay with applying a base coat color first.

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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