Anya's Ipsy/MyGlam October 2012

I signed up for MyGlam/Ipsy in August. My first bag came in October.

Here's what it had in it:
  • COASTAL SCENTS - Eye Shadow
  • COUTURE COLOUR - Pequi Oil Treatment
  • BE A BOMBSHELL - Eye Liner
  • MIRENESSE - Lip Bomb Glossy Lacquer Stain
  • THEBALM -What's Your Type? "the body builder" Black Mascara

I was pleased with how much stuff I got and how cute the bag is. The bag is definitely getting used (mostly to hold all my samples).

I haven't had a chance to try the eye shadows yet--mostly because they're not colors I ordinarily wear.

The lip bomb in pink made me look like some sort of demented Barbie doll. I didn't keep it on for long.

The eye liner is easy to use but dries super fast so its a little difficult to fix problems if you mess up (and I often mess up). Once its on there, whoa baby, it's on there!

I love the mascara. I signed up for these beauty boxes because I was in need of mascara and didn't know what to I was psyched to get a bottle in a bag. (Incidentally I gave in and bought mascara before this arrived).

The Pequi Oil Treatment is on par with argan oil. It smells nice and does make my hair soft.

Conclusion, Ipsy this month was more than worth the $10 but I'm not sure I'd pay full price for any of these when I run out.

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  1. I got the darker pink color Lip Bomb and it's gorgeous. You'll start to run out of things to do with the bags since they come in a new one every month lol I think I'm going to use some to fill with x-mas gift this year.