MAC Magnetic Palette

Last week I bought an empty palette from MAC to test out. I'm losing a ton of counter space with all of my make up and needed something to help. I bought the face palette (without the insert) since I wanted all the space available and loved that it had a see through window on top. Much to my dismay when I depotted one of my Urban Decay eye shadows, only to find out the MAC palette doesn't have a magnetized bottom. You can stick a magnet to the bottom and it will be fine, but it isn't a magnet itself.

After a few days of searching for magnetic sheets at Home Depot and craft stores I wasn't satisfied. All of the adhesive magnetic sheets were flimsy and wouldn't hold my make up pans in place. I needed a solution, and I found one at Home Depot. I wanted a strong magnet that I could glue or just stick to my make up pans. I'm not sure why I didn't think of it before but duh, a magnet! I wound up buying a 12 pack of small super magnets.

To make the palette slightly prettier, I cut up a piece of card stock and put that on the bottom. I then put the super magnets under my make up pans and put it in the palette. Here is what I came up with, and I need to depot more of my make up.

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