Miche Bags

My mom held a party for Miche bags and brought me in on video chat. This is one of those direct sales type things like Tupperware or Mary Kay. Miche is all about options and creating interchangeable bags.

My mom bought me what you're about to see (or got it because she was the hostess). The combination retails for about $120

I chose the "Prima" size, their largest.

Here's the Prima "base" and and straps. The base is machine washable.

Here's one of the Prima "Shells": 

And the other, shell, this one is called Hope:

Here's the interior. The flaps are magnetic and are designed to snap onto the base.

Putting the base into the shell:

The flap in place over the base:

Putting the hardware on:

The straps in place:

The final product. Neat? Sure!


The idea of interchangeable handbags is neat, the price steap. I'm happy with what I've got but I wouldn't have paid for it myself. Then again, I don't spend a lot of money on purses. Maybe $120 is a good deal.

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  1. That's such an interesting idea, and it's cute :) Don't think I'd buy one for myself either, I like cheap purses. Then I can buy a bunch lol