BrushEgg - How I wash my make up brushes

I ran across someone picture of a BrushEgg sometime last month and was like oh my gosh why have I never heard of this before?! A BrushEgg is basically a little silicone (half) egg shaped item that has grooves on one side to help you clean your make up brushes easily. I found one on ebay for $1.32 and bought it immediately.

The package arrived and I grabbed my baby shampoo and the brush egg and set to work.

Here's what the back of it looks like.

I put some of the baby shampoo on the egg.

Then I get the dirty make up brush damp then scrub.

 Andddd it's filthy. After they're clean, I squeeze out the excess water from the brush.

I have a towel on the side of the sink ready for the brushes to dry. I roll one side so it's elevated and have the brushes tilted brush hair side down so water does not get to the glue. If it gets to the glue it can cause the hairs on the make up brushes fall out.

Here's a comparison picture of one of the brushes!

All in all I'm VERY pleased with this product. I'd say it did cut down on the time taken to clean my make up brushes and it was easy to use. If you don't want to wait a week or two to get one from China I'd suggest getting one of those silicone pot holders with grooves in it like the picture below. Should be the same concept!


  1. Cool cleaning tip! I think I will be stopping by world market to get them pot holders

  2. I need to get off my butt and actually use mine...

    1. I need to wash mine again it's been a few weeks lol :D I'll remind you this weekend (if I remember)

    2. lol! Just leave off the part about flossing ;)