Julep March Box

For March's box I used up Julep points to get three add-ons. And so they sent me a freebie. Hooray for freebies.

The box itself came with three polishes...at least that is how I arranged it. Here's what I picked:

Prosecco silk (semi-matte opalescent)
Iced chai chrome

Kelly green and gold coin multi-dimensional, full coverage glitter


For the add-ons, I picked:

Get In Line Invisible Lip Liner
Fluid Eye Glider
CTRL + Z Eye Makeup Eraser

The freebie I got as a result of picking three add-ons was "Francis"
which is described as "Celery green crème"

Here's what the add-ons looked like out of their boxes:

And swatches of the polishes:


Jahnavi swatch:

Francis swatch
(two coats on pinky and middle finger, one coat on the others)

Francis with Lucky on top:

My favorite in this box? 
The Silk Finish polish, Marcy. 
You can't tell from the swatch, but it's covers decently considering it's so pale, and it dries to a neat "silk" finish.

That said, I haven't tried the add-ons yet, so they might be awesome. As usual, if they are, I'll do another post.


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  1. I like that metallic, dunno why I gravitate towards those and glitter lol