Glitter Polish Removers

Melissa is a glitter polish lover, but as for me, I avoid them like the plague. They're so hard to remove. So when she and I saw a few posts and videos about different removers, I decided to try them.

The first one is 1st Acetone Power No-Rub Gel stuff in the bright pink container. It was under $4 at Walmart.

The second is Glitter Nail Polish Remover Gel by Vi-Jon in the box, it, too was under $4 at Walmart.

Here's what was in the box:

We both saw posts that said this stuff was super easy and worked like a breeze.

I tried the No-Rub Gel first, and over two days. Here's the results of the first attempt, after dipping my fingers into the gel and waiting four minutes (as directed):

That looks almost great, right? had a bit of a side effect. The paper towels stuck to my fingers. Everything stuck to my fingers where the gel had been.

The rest of the glitter came off with some heavy scraping. I had to soap my hands twice to get the stuff off, and even then I still had spots leftover.

Day two

Here's the before, "too dimensional?" polish by l'oreal. This polish has a sandy finish with glitter, for a rough removal job.

The index finger on my left hand with the 1st Acetone Power No-Rub Gel again (the one in the pink).

The after:

Some stickiness, but not as bad:

The other hand with the Glitter Nail Polish Remover Gel (the one in the box) on all fingers (I promise its on there). As directed it said to leave it on for two minutes:

The after:

After a second application of 1st Acetone Power No-Rub Gel:

There wasn't stickiness, and it smelled decent, but as you can see, it didn't really do much except for on my index finger.


Don't waste your money on these, though if you're desperate to try one, go with the pink.

As far as me, I'll still avoid glitter polish.


  1. You had a lot better results with the pink goo than I did. I didn't leave it on the full 4 minutes though. Darn paper towel stuck to my fingers as well.

    1. Day #2 I actually used a timer on my phone. I think that helped. But I still wasn't jazzed. I'll leave the glitter to you ;)