#TryDry: DrySpray by Degree

I got into the Influenster #TryDry box from Unilever and Walmart a month or so ago.

They sent me this bottle of DrySpray by Degree, free in exchange for an honest review.

I've been using it daily since it arrived. Through Zumba, Aikido, and hour and a half walks, this stuff keeps me surprisingly dry even compared to the Clinical Strength deodorant I'd been using prior. I just have a few pieces of advice: spray before you put on anything, even your bra. This stuff tends to cake onto whatever is nearby and can turn into an icky mess on fabric. And if you're looking for an invisible deodorant? This one isn't going to be it. I've yet to find that Holy Grail.

Despite that, I would suggest this to anyone wanting to try out a dry spray. Thanks Degree, Walmart, and Influenster!


  1. I'll stick to my clinical strength ones. Does it stain your clothes?

    Happy holidays, girls!

    1. Yeah, it stained a little bit. Thanks, you too! :)