MidNite Dietary Sleep supplement

I got this pack of MidNite Dietary Sleep supplement free from BzzAgent.

Here's the box:

The tablets come in the foil packaging you find other OTC drugs, but this isn't a drug. It's a dietary supplement. And there are several statements on it back about it not having been evaluated by the FDA.

MidNite is chewable and cherry flavored. It didn't do anything to put me to sleep fast the times I tried it. I did wake up without grogginess, mostly because I eventually fell asleep. Can't say I can attribute the hours of sleep I got to this supplement. I sleep well Mondays through Fridays, it's just the weekend days I have trouble because I screw up my sleep schedule by sleeping in. A few times I've given up waiting and taken my usual Tylenol PM to sleep because MidNite didn't do the trick.

So...I definitely wouldn't pay for this product, even if it does taste like cherry.

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