The Great Goldfish Deathening - aka a review of Goldfish Mac & Cheese

MG saw this box of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Mac & Cheese Cheddar flavor at the store and wanted to try it. So we bought it.

This mac & cheese has cute little goldfish-shaped noodles complete with smiles. MG's first question was, "Can I bite their heads off?"

I said, "Yes, you certainly can."

MG's response, "Then prepare for the Great Goldfish Deathening of 2013."

MG mixed it all up and commented on how the box asks for the milk in tablespoons.

We tasted it. MG says, "It doesn't taste like mac & cheese. It tastes like cheddar. It's not bad. But definitely not like Kraft Mac N' Cheese."

Since this wasn't Kraft, that made sense. But yes, I agree that it did taste more like cheddar the Kraft's macaroni and cheese does.

I asked MG if we'd buy this again, his answer, "Probably not. At least not that flavor. There was less pasta and it didn't taste like Goldfish cheese." For the record, we always add pasta to our Kraft mac n' cheese, so I'm skeptical of his claim about less pasta.

There you have it!

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  1. Whoa, those are cute. Haven't seen that yet at the grocery store.