China Glaze Ombre "Wait Teal You See It"

I saw this package at Sally's Beauty Supply this weekend for a mere $12.99 (price good through 3/31) and SNAPPED that baby up.

Why? Well, aside from ombre being the IN thing right now, these are FULL-SIZED bottles of China Glaze--4 of them, plus 10 sponges for $13.
The colors in this set are:

  • White on White
  • Aquadelic
  • For Audrey
  • Turned up Turquoise

Sally's charges something like $5 per bottle of China Glaze at least so this was a steal.

Here's a shot of the sponges:

This isn't my first attempt at Ombre. It's probably my fourth. But it's my first attempt with four colors and these sponges.

Here's the result on my left hand:

I didn't like the spotty look to it so I tried using my own make-up sponges on my right hand.
Take a look:

The polishes in this set are a great value however I'm not sold on the sponges.
That said, I'll probably go back and by the purple set they had.

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