Anya's Ipsy February

I'm a bit behind on February's Ipsy bag. I apologize.

I've only gotten a chance to try out the Pop mascara and the MICA Beauty Cosmetics gel eyeliner.

The mascara wasn't anything to write home about.

That said, the gel eyeliner is GREAT--if you like gel eyeliner. It was a full-sized jar that goes on smooth and easily with a cheap'ish eyeliner brush I bought at Target. And it stays on all day. It does smudge if you rub your eyes but it's not too bad. The only complaint I have with it is that its very hard to get all of it clean compared to my other eyeliners.

As usual, the coastal scent eyeshadows just aren't any colors I'm into.

I'm also pretty vested in te primers I have so I haven't gotten around to trying the pixi.

And lash cards? *shrug* Not sure that will ever get used.

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