China Glaze Ombre Sets - "Grape Expectations" and "Sweet Sensations"

After buying the Teal Ombre set for the $12.99 (price good through 3/31 at Sally's), I decided I wanted more. So I went back to Sally's and bought both of the other two Ombre sets.

China Glaze Ombre - "Grape Expectations" and "Sweet Sensations"

Grape Expectations includes full-sized bottles of these colors:

  • Sweet Hook
  • Spontaneous
  • Grape Pop
  • Crimson (which isn't red at all??)

Sweet Sensations includes:

  • Angel's Breath
  • Something Sweet
  • Dance Baby
  • Make An Entrance

Here's the other one (fuzzy photo):

And the pink one on my nails:

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  1. Oooh the purple looks great! I'm going to have to go to Sallys and see if they have the sets *jealous* <333