Nail Bliss Halloween Appliques Oh My Goth

Nail Bliss Halloween Appliques "Oh My Goth" after 48hours

I finally got around to using the nail applique I bought at Halloween from Sally's Beauty (Nail Bliss Halloween Appliques Oh My Goth).

This is the second Halloween nail appliques I've bought. The first was a cheap set of red flames (by Wet N Wild I think?). I got what I paid for. Those original ones were unwieldy and...well, cheap.

This set of appliques by Nail Bliss went on much easier. For the most part they fit my nails well. They looked really nice. BUT they lasted less than twenty-four hours before they began peeling. 

I didn't do dishes or anything terribly strenuous with my nails apart from showering. Though they claim to last several days, these most certainly did not.

I'm not sure if that's typical, if its a problem with that brand, or if its me. I'll probably try one more set from a different brand before I make up my mind.

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  1. Bummer, they are cute, wish they would last longer :(