Garnier Olia "Light Intense Auburn" a.k.a. hair-dyeing with my guy

My roots have started peeking through so when I saw this new Garnier color on an endcap in Target, I was intrigued. The side panel says "A new sensorial experience" that claims to have a "Pleasant fragrance". Permanent color that smells pleasant? Yeah right.

The pretty bottles pictured on the side also were a factor in my decision.

The back claims this is "The 1st oil powered permanent home haircolor"

I should probably understand why that's significant, shouldn't I? All I know is I'm a fan of Garnier's other home hair colors so I was eager to try this one because it promises to improve and restore hair. My hair needs some improving and restoring.


I opened the box and called my trusty hair color assistant, my guy (MG) in to help me. He took one look at the bottles I called "pretty" and declared, "I don't like it. It has an unholy receptacle."

The gloves come in this tiny, packet.

And they're black. My guy put them on and said, "I feel like I should take you to my kill room."

And of course when he saw this upon twisting the tip off, he quipped, "It blew its load."

Bored while he applied the color, I read the instructions aloud, "Wear gloves provided in kit, even if you have way cooler ones. For any question relating to your individual sensitivities or specific allergies, consult a doctor because he has been stalking you for six years."

About the dye application:

This package had about the same amount of solution has other Garnier. My hair is getting long to the point where we use up the whole bottle. We recently tried the newly improved Feria color and it came with a ton more solution that this one had.

MG says the Olia dye stains my skin much faster/easier than any of the regular home dyes we've used. It did drip more--closer to a vegetable dye consistency.

We didn't notice anything particularly good or "sensorial" about the scent. It was pretty standard for home-based dyes these days (many come with aroma packets now).

MG liked that the gloves didn't tear at the seams between his fingers like all of the other included gloves but he said they were slippery when wet. He had trouble clipping my hair up off my neck because he couldn't hold onto the clip. So...he said they wouldn't work for a Dexter-esque use ;) You know, if that sort of thing is important to you in your sub-ten-dollar-home-dyes.

End Result:

Photo WITHOUT the Flash on (this is what it looks like under fluorescent):

Photo WITH the Flash on (chances are its only this bright in direct sunlight/flash):


The color on this isn't brilliant and MG ended up missing A LOT of hair beneath the top layer. He's usually pretty good about that. I can only guess it's because he ran out of solution. So all of the drippy stuff didn't end up dripping much.

My hair doesn't feel improved. Although it doesn't feel as horrible as it did after using a $3 box dyes. 

Given the need for more solution, I think we'll try Feria again next time.

Thanks for reading!

UPDATE Feb 2013 -- MG bought me another box for a touch up prior to a trip. We used it again. It was just as bright the second time. HOWEVER, on that trip I used some white towels. They came away stained orange, every night. For well after two weeks following the application. So be careful, this dye does stain even though the water runs clear.


  1. Holy guacamole. That is such a pretty, bright red. I might have to buy 2 boxes and try it out on mine. Your guy is hilarious.

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  3. What color was your hair before olia?

    1. Likely it was faded red-brown, probably in the medium range. I regularly dye, so this stuff would have had to sit on top of chemically treated hair.