Anya's January Birchbox

Here's what is in my January Birchbox:

  • Deborah Lippmann the Stripper to go
  • theBalm® cosmetics Hot Mama Shadow & Blush All-in-One
  • My™ Multi-Purpose Mattifying Moisturizer
  • amika Color pHerfection Shampoo
  • Harvey Prince Skinny Chic

theBalm® cosmetics Hot Mama Shadow & Blush All-in-One

The interior
The swatch (on top of Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer)
Granted, the lighting on this isn't the best but it wasn't terribly bright in any lighting. I can't imagine this color would work well as a eye shadow on my complexion but it should be good for blush/shimmer. It had a faint goldish hue to it that was nice.

Deborah Lippmann the Stripper to go

Nail Mitt Before

The package claimed it was a "lavender nail lacquer remover finger mitts." It had a very faint floral scent beneath the usual acetone scent.  I tested this out on the manicure you see in the thebalm photo two above.

Here's the result. It did clear off all ten nails pretty well. But for $2 a pop (6 for $12), I think I'll stick with my bottle of nail polish remover--even at the loss of the faint floral scent.

Harvey Prince Skinny Chic

This is a nice sized perfume sample. Skinny Chic isn't an overpowering scent. The package describes it as: "Green Apple, Sweet Mint and Warm Amber" I don't notice any mint (which is a good thing) but the combination of green apple and warm amber is lovely. I will definitely use up this entire tube :)

My™ Multi-Purpose Mattifying Moisturizer

While this moisturizer did cut down on shine and it did seem to moisturize, it made my skin burn a little at first. The scent was nothing to write home about. At $68 a tube, there is no way I'll be buying this.

amika Color pHerfection Shampoo

I've yet to try this product... I'll do a specific post about it if it turns out to be amazing ;)


  1. The Harvey Prince Skinny Chic was too ambery for me. I would say the nail polish wipes are really only good for travel or emergencies. Otherwise they're way too darn expensive. Great post! :D

  2. Shampoo! My guilty pleasure is bath and body products like lotions and stuff. I used to be so OC about my nails then I got tired of the upkeep so now I just keep them short, hangnails and all (I'm a disgrace to "kikay"-dom... Mel will explain what Kikay is.)

    1. Kikay is Brain's way of calling me a hooker. *cough* I mean a chick that loves beauty, fashion etc if I remember correctly :)