Julep Box January - Neons & Nudes

This month's Julep box is Neons and Nudes.

As usual I got the IT Girl Box. It featured:
  • Nina (orange neon)
  • Nikki (yellow neon)
  • Amelia (Pearly "nude")
I was excited for the neons and even considered ordering a green add-on. Thankfully I didn't. 

My hope was that the neon polishes would cover in one coat (without a basecoat)--thus being useful for stamping. They don't.

HOWEVER, the box came with three neon hair ties/ribbons and a sheet of their "Swatch Me!" Stickers. I'm totally addicted to these elasticy ribbon ties so I was thrilled to get some extras in neon.

Here's a swatch of these three: my index finger nail had 2 coats, all others had 1 coat.


  1. You and your elastic hair ties lol. I'm digging the colors you got

  2. I wasn't too ecstatic about the box this month >< I skipped lol