January Perfume Samples - Atelier, Clean, Paco Rabanne

My Latest Perfume Samples are as follows: 
  • Atelier "Orange Sanguine"-- I adore the Atelier "Rose Anonyme" cologne sample I got from Birchbox so when presented with a chance to try another scent, I couldn't pass it up. 
    • This one definitely has a citrusy cast to it. I like the rose better but this one will do in a pinch. It would be a nice summery scent.
  • Clean's "Rain" -- During a trip to Sephora in Ohio, I got a sample of Clean's "Skin" and liked the fresh scent. I jumped at the chance at another of their brand.
    • Ooh Rain is lovely. I'm really liking Clean so far. Now I want to try MORE.
  • Paco Rabanne's "1 Million" sounded snooty so I got it for MG, not that he's particularly snooty.
    • I can't describe this one. It smelled nice in the spritzer but when I sprayed it on my guy, it went...strange. Musky with notes I couldn't figure out. This one is not for me/us.

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