August 2012 MyGlam

I received my August MyGlam bag and wanted to show you all what I got. This is one of the many monthly subscription companies that are out there right now. I currently subscribe to MyGlam and Birchbox and love both.

Items Received:
1. Eclos: Anti-Aging Regenerative Cream
2. Eclos: Anti-Aging Cellular Activator Face Serum
3. Demeter: Roll on perfume oil - Dragon Fruit
4. s.a.l.t.y cosmetics: Mineral Eyeshadow - Glama-ZOID!
5. Circus by Andrea's Choice Nail Color - Ringmaster (Pink)
6. MyGlam: Glam Gloss - 02

MyGlam is different from most cosmetic subscription companies, they always include the products in a make up bag. This month's bag is an orange/pink plastic mesh bag.

They seem to send moisturizers in almost every bag lately. Which is okay with me since I haven't found one yet that I swear by. This month's bag had a brand that is totally new to me, Eclos.

I was extremely happy to see a face serum in the bag this month and goes along with the moisturizer. I personally have never tried face serums before so I'm excited to try it out.
I've heard mixed responses about Demeter being in this month's bag. A lot of girls are saying it stinks, or is super cheap since you can buy it at [insert random store name here]. I personally think the Dragon Fruit scent is very subtle and smells nice. To each their own.
Eyeshadow / Highlighter! I've never tried s.a.l.t.y cosmetics products before but I used the excess around the rim of the lid to do a swatch and it was pretty awesome. A little goes a long way. If you want 20% off your s.a.l.t.y. order until September 5th, use coupon code MyGlam2012.
Neon polish, yes please! I was happy to get the pink polish, the other color people were getting was a neon orange.
Last but surprisingly not least, a fairly pigmented lip gloss. It is sticky, but the color seems to last a little bit longer than most.

MyGlam is $10 a month, and you can cancel via their website at any time. The bag is shipped around the 10th of every month (give or take a few days). There is a wait list right now, but most people are able to join before the next bag. You can join via their website (, and make sure to add their Facebook page, they like doing giveaways.

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