N@N's Review: Luster Premium White

 Anya before (incandescent lighting)

Anya after (incandescent lighting)

Anya after
(natural lighting on the same day & no further applications)

Anya's review of Luster Premium White:

Let me begin by saying the instructions on this are a bit confusing. Step 4 says repeat steps 1-3 12 times. It's like a dental while loop! But then below that there are instructions for only doing the process 4 times (only? hah! each session of 1-3 takes at least 11 minutes) or twice a day. Their instructions are so confusing that they had to add in an FAQ to explain how it really works. It's time to fire your copy editor if you need an FAQ to answer things that should have been covered in the initial instructions.

And all the warnings not to let the gel touch gums or lips? Let's just say that's frightening.

The first time I tried this system I ended up drooling all over myself while trying to keep the gel away from my lips for the 30 seconds it demanded. (uh oh! The instructions ALSO said to keep it out of my saliva). My lips were very dry after that.

The second test a few days later happened much the same as the first.

The third and fourth times I accidentally got the gel on my gums. The stinging sensation wasn't pleasant but it went away after I quickly wiped the gel away.

After that I learned to roll up clean toilet paper and place it over my bottom lip and against my gums. This kept the gel from getting on either and makes the process a little easier.

Like Mel mentions below, there was no teeth sensitivity after using this product so that much is good.

From the pictures above, it sure does look like my teeth are whiter. I'm not sure if that's because one was taken indoors and the other outdoors. To my eyes...you know, in a mirror, I don't see a huge difference from when I started the process. But I guess I look at myself in the mirror daily so I likely wouldn't notice differences.

That said, I can't say I'll buy another package of this stuff after I run out.

Mel's review:

I'll start by saying that this isn't my first Luster product I've received from BzzAgent. So the confusing directions weren't too confusing for me this time around. I do agree with Anya that most people will have to re-read the directions or find a youtube video on how to actually use some of their products.

While I didn't notice a huge difference, I did notice a slight whitening effect, enough so that people without major stains on their teeth will be happy. Like with the first Luster whitening set, this one has the same issue, the drool factor. Anything mouth related that you can't close your mouth due to not being able to get it on the gums or in the saliva is going to cause issues. I didn't notice any teeth sensitivity after using this for a few days straight. So as I said before, if you don't have serious stains and are looking for an affordable teeth whitening system I would recommend this.

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