Julep October "Modern Beauty"

I ordered Julep's "Modern Beauty" box again this month. It came the last day of September (so early). Unfortunately though I received the box for the "Kajal Eye Glider", the only thing inside it was a pencil sharpener. No pencil.

I did, however, receive the "Mask Noir".

Here's a photograph of it "unboxed":

(Note the lack of a pencil, but there is that pencil sharpener. They did put some candy corn--that's their Halloween thing)

I'm hesitant to touch either of the products because I'm still waiting to hear back from their customer service about what I'm supposed to do to get the pencil situation fixed (I emailed them late on the 30th).

So, you won't get a review from me on the products until this gets resolved. This ought to be interesting simply to see how well Julep handles issues.

Update 10/7 @ 4pm: Julep customer service emailed that they're sending the Eye Glider and they will send me tracking once they get it.

Update 10/7 @ 10pm: I went ahead and tried the Mask Noir since the other product is coming. This stuff is gooey but spreads well...the first time. Don't try to touch up any spots because it'll just peel right off. The tube mentions washing any residue off with warm water after you've peeled it but lemme tell you, warm water did zilch on my fingers. I needed soap, water, and some hefty rubbing to get the remainder off. Here's a shot of how ridiculous I look with the stuff on:

I promptly used my "Mask Noir" to scare MG. He screamed, "Ah, What the HELL! It's like the black oil [a la X-Files] got on your face but missed your eyes." Can you feel the love? I guess that's what I get for scaring him.

So, after removing it, there were still plenty of little residue pieces. I tried a little water but that didn't do much so I tossed on last month's Modern Beauty product (the cleansing oil). That did a beautiful job of removing it all. But now I can't tell what result came from which product.

So here's what the website says about Mask Noir:
A peel-off mask of gentle kaolin clay and black volcanic ash.

Features and Benefits of Mask Noir:

  1. Black volcanic ash boasts anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial peptides.
  2. Kaolin Clay is as gentle as it is deep-cleaning.
  3. Incredibly clean, visibly brightened skin upon removal
  4. Enriched with Julep’s proprietary Power Cell Complex™, a trio of skin-boosting superstars:

  • Rosehip seed oil – a nourishing oil (and natural source of vitamins A and C) that helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and post-acne marks. Contains natural fatty acids that bond moisture to skin
  • Malvaceae Lipid Extract™ – a lipid complex that provides immediate and long-lasting hydration and works to rebuild skin structure from the inside out
  • Green coffee bean oil – a natural anti-inflammatory that promotes cell turnover
I'll update again if I notice any clearer skin as a result.

Update 10/15 @ 11pm:  The replacement pencil arrived today in a box with another set of candy corn. AND they sent me another pencil sharpener! I'm definitely pleased with Julep's customer service :)

Thanks for reading!

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