Mel's September Ipsy

Anya and I got the same items in our bags this month so I thought I'd actually do mini reviews of the items I will be trying.

1. Cailyn Lip Gloss - I've heard that this product is super pigmented. I also can't help but notice that it's the same packaging as their gel liner, which I find slightly odd.
2. NYX Eye Shadow - I might use this item, I have colors very similar to this one so I'll wait and see.
3. It's So Big - I won't be trying this item since I'm up to my eyeballs in mascara samples right now. I'm trying to only open one at a time so I can go through them.
4. Starlooks Eye Liner in Obsidian - I won't be trying this item, I'm a big fan of liquid eye liner, and pencil always makes me look like a raccoon.
5. Freeman Face Mask(s) - I tried the pink one, I believe it was for face brightening. I opened it and had issues with actually putting the mask on my face. Unless little kids are applying these I don't see how most people will be able to fit the eye holes. It wound up covering about 1/4th of an inch on both outer sides of my eyes. Also the actual mask is dripping wet. Do this over a sink when you first apply or you'll have a mess on your hands. Oh and wash your face immediately after like it says in the instructions or your face will itch like crazy.

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