Julep - September "Modern Beauty" Box

This month I opted for the Modern Beauty because it seemed like a sweet deal (two $20+ items for $20)

The items were:
  • Bare Face Cleansing Oil
  • Blank Canvas Mattifying Face Primer

Here's the interior:

And here are the products themselves:

Bare Face Cleansing Oil

The instructions mention putting this on dry hands and dry face and then washing it off. I've tried the usual way and this way. It's a little odd doing it with dry skin and hands but it works. This stuff has an oily consistency but it washes right off. And my skin does feel cleansed afterward.

Blank Canvas Mattifying Face Primer

If your primary concern is shiny skin, this is the primer for you. I've tried it beneath mattifying foundation twice. Once on a Saturday for dinner and a movie and then today while training folks at work and then my usual exercise routine. Even though I was a sweaty mess after exercising, there was hardly any sheen on my forehead. As for how much of that was the primer and how much was the foundation...the foundation does a fairly good job of being matte for a few hours but as the day wears on, the shine comes out. But not with this primer.

In terms of hiding pores, wrinkles, and imperfections...I can't say this primer did much of anything on that front.

Findings: All in all, I'm pleased with these products at the $10 a piece I paid for them but I doubt I'd pay full price for them.


  1. Look at that pretty packing?! Can you share a photo of your vanity? I'm so curious to see what it looks like what with all these pretty-fying (not a word I know) stuff you've been getting.

    1. *snort* Vanity? Girl, the closest I have is a sketch table that I use as a writing/editing desk. It's covered in a laptop, two-day old beverages, baskets, and books--none of which help my face at all. My pretty-fying products end up in a bag printed with cats shooting lazer beams from their eyes. I dump that shit on my bed every time I do up my face ;) (Note: that's the bed I used to take those photos)